Thursday 5 August 2010

THIS BLOG IS PART of http://StolenKids- http://StolenChildhood- http://StolenTrust- & others.

Please be patient but this new Blogger series in the 'clan' will be completed ready for YOU to use as soon as I can find some time!!

This blog is for:

Women (or Men)

The Name of the blog may seem strange but it is based on YOUR freedom and YOUR confidence to excercise it as 'The World is YOUR Oyster' and if you have lost that confidence for the reasons we have shown - YOU have lost the confidence to open 'The Oyster' and find it pearls!

It if for YOU if you have been sexually, mentally, emotionally or physically abused by a stranger, a stalker, a friend or an ex partner - now or in the past.

Single, Married, Divorced, Affair whatever

The aim of this 'clan' of blogs is 'self empowerment'.

Like most things in life - you can start without us!

Just look at how works

This is just the same but for you if you fit the category.

Just leave the name of the blog you start
in the questions/comments and when we catch up with you we will include your details in the sidebar.

If we can help you to help yourself, be helped or help others then we have succeeded for YOU we hope.

We want to help you MEND whether it was years ago or happening now - or if you just feel you have VICTIM stamped on your forhead and keep ending up scared of the world because of assault  - the aim is 'Self Help' within a group where you can remain anon. if you wish.

Remember although you are joining the 'clan' you are responsible for YOUR blog but if your language is foul or abusive, your story is legally defamatory without substantiation or if you offend us gratuitously or any other member we resrve the right to remove publicity of YOUR link.

Good luck - We HOPE we can help you mend.


IF YOU need Help
this is where you can help yourself whilst helping others ENTIRELY FREE!

IF you have been or are still a victim of sexual or physical abuse, whether within your family or by someone who has control over you or even an 'ex' or a stranger in whatever way that might be then you have found the right place to empower yourself.

This web blog is for YOU.

The Concept WILL Grow - there are 100s if not 1,000s of people out there who are being abused and betrayed by their family members, relatives, teachers, priests or any number of people in a position to abuse.

BIG BROTHER is getting ever Bigger and more of a Bully.

The Target Systems have proved a catastrophy for family after family.

It is not just the failures resulting in the death of Baby Peter and other children who have suffered - that hits the press.

What about the families whose lives are terribly damaged, if not destroyed, by what seems to be caring relationships that get out of hand and become abuse or alcohol which leads to rape - as a child or even an adult having sex of any type forced on you IS RAPE.

You may find you can turn to no one as the very carers a bunch of men in dresses and wigs with a language all of their own patronisingly and seemingly arbitrarily handing you back to the very people who rape and abuse you - all too often by what seems a process designed to abuse you.

If you feel cheated by this overbearing, over complicated and over intimidating costly scheme designed seemingly to make money and empire build for 'jobs worths' and 'busy bodies'.

You are in the right place!

I hope we can give YOU a platform to restore your family or save your family or reclaim YOUR life.


Most of the 'Stolen????' series are about family problems of one sort or another but StolenOyster- is different!

This site, although in the clan of 'Stolen????-' is especially for you if you have lost that dream and that confidence that once meant that 'The World Was Your Oyster' but it has turned into a can of worms for you because perhaps a relationship went wrong or you have become frightened of going out or being alone -

because you were raped or attacked by a stranger or even by someone you know -

perhaps you have become the target of a stalker -

ANYTHING that has denied you access to YOUR world in freedom may be how YOU lost that 'OYSTER' let alone were denied the opportunity to search for the 'Pearls' that YOU believe were out there until YOU Oyster was Stolen!


1. Go to or just CLICK HERE

2. set up a blog for yourself.

3. Name your Blog
adding after the http://
the name

THEN after the hyphen YOUR CHOICE of name maybe:

stolenoyster-mary or stolenoyster-teddy or stolenoyster-bristol

I've called this guideline blog stolenoyster-bloggers

so the whole address of this blog is:

you can do the address in big letters (capitals) or small letters (lower case) it doesn't matter.

YOU may be under an injunction not to name your children, your abusers or yourself IF you decide to break that injunction THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - it is YOUR blog for which YOU are responsible. The same is true of pictures.

4. IF you were the first to register the name (that is the bit after stolenoyster-) then you can move on to design/choose your blog.

5. May I suggest that you choose a design similar to the one we have used here from the style choices and then we will ALL look alike and the movement will carry more weight and be taken more seriously.

6. Once you start Blogging on your own Stolenoyster-???? blog I suggest that you register as a friend of this blog in the right hand column. You can then click on other 'friends' and go and see their blogs where you may get ideas that help you or have ways to help them.

I will try to work out a way to index or at least list the blogs that join - so do tell your friends not JUST your blog address and name but also this one where they can help build the network.

7. The idea is so that you can help others by listing YOUR experiences and maybe others will then be able to give you tips and help.

8. Please be kind to eachother - most of the people here have been abused often by the system - some may feel they have been abused but can not convince.
Please no obscenities or offensive language - the system is quite offensive enough.

9. I will try to set up a forum once we are underway.

A. I started my first Blog late last December and I'm still learning but I am NO computer wizz - (MeTechNoCrass!!)

B. BEWARE YOU are responsible for the content of YOUR Blog.

Do NOT put anything on your Blog that you may regret anyone else reading.

Do NOT be tempted to libel anyone.

Do Be Carefull this is the sort of venue that may well be 'trolled' either by cranks or perverts.

Do not arrange to meet ANYONE without establishing EXACTLY who they are and informing two other people that you intend to meet them and where, ideally take someone with you!

Good Luck & I hope this helps you.

PLEASE put the address of this Blog on YOUR Blog to help others.

Use the Comments Section and we will eventually manage to build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

So that you can decide for yourself - here is the address on the internet of all my contact data and a list of my other blogs: or just CLICK HERE
I am deliberately not hidden from view as YOU may feel insecure and want to know how all this came about.

I note that there are SEVERAL related blogs already:

Let me know what you call your Blog and I'll add it in.
Just put the name in the comments box of THIS posting - it will be available to all in that box and as soon as it is added to the right sidebar index I will delete it from the comments box.

Once again - Good Luck and I hope this helps YOU & YOURS.

YOU are responsible for YOUR Blog.

Greg L-W.